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  • It would be nice if Outlook contact records could be marked as "I never voice dial this number" or "I voice dial this number".  I have over 600 contacts (I'm sure other people have more), and 99% of them I would never voice dial.  It would greatly assist a voice dialer to select the correct contact if I eliminated 594 of the contacts as possible selection options, and the voice dialer only needed to distinguish between 6 names.

    In reality, most people likely operate along those lines.  So the check-box option for a contact would probably be "I voice dial this number".  The default would most likely be "I never voice dial this number".  (Although certainly a configuration option for the default is always nice.)

    Of course, this would need to involve Outlook (desktop).

    A similar capability for eliminating options for which names get displayed for caller ID would be nice.  For example, a call from a company often has a common caller ID and there might be more than one contact with that number.  It would be nice to mark some contact phone numbers with "not for caller ID".  That way the caller ID look-up would skip over those contacts when looking for a name to display.

    It would be nice if WM Outlook supported the ability to make portions of contact records PW protected.  It would probably be based on one common PW (maybe the device's PW).  I don't want to have to enter a PW to access non "identity" information about a person.  However I deal with consultants and other people for whom I might have a social security number or other "identity" information on file.  It would be nice if I could call up the information for those contacts without requiring a PW, but still protect information like a SSN with a PW.

    One "thinking out of the box" approach to this might be to create linked contact records.  The user would call up the non-sensitive contact record for a person, and it might have a link to a sensitive record.  The two records could then have all the standard Outlook contact fields, and the user could decide which fields to populate in which record.

    That last idea just came to me, so I'll be poking around Outlook to see if something along those lines might already be possible.
    -- kburgoyne
    Sunday, January 4, 2009 7:59 PM

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  • One more sugestion. The caller name is displayed alongwith the number of caller. It would begreat if his company and desiganation are also displayed. I have 1000 contacts in my mobile phone. It becomes difficult to identify the person by mere poping up name or number.
    Saturday, April 11, 2009 7:47 AM