Get emails in CRM 2011 from one common address RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    I have the following needs which I can't actually solve :

    - We have a central Dynamics CRM 2011 system (called Group) which hosted CRM for different subsidiaries (one organization / subsidiary).

    - Each subsidiary got its own email server and is using different contact email addresses for customer-care lets say as example for subsidiary "subs1" : customer-care@subs1.com and information@subs1.com

    - The Group system got its own email server (Exchange) which manage email addresses from its own domain. For example the subsidiary 1 got one generic email address on the group domain : contact-subs1@group.com

    What we want is that incoming emails to customer-care of each subsidiary are transfered to its own generic group email addresses and processed by CRM 2011 as an email activity through Email Router :

    customer email ==> customer-care@subs1.com or information@subs1.com ==> contact-subs1@group.com ==> subs1 CRM 2011  organization

    We think about using forwarding as attachement rules on subsidiary email server side from subs1 adresses to group addess and make Email Router poll the group email adress, but in that case we will lost the original (customer) email sender address !

    Does anyone know if, using such method (forward as attachement) the CRM is able to find back the original sender ?

    Any other solution ?

    Thanks in advance,


    Wednesday, March 19, 2014 11:13 AM