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  • I added some custom Permissionsets and try to add a number of individual permissions. However, the powershell cmdlets to create or update NAV-permissions don't work properly. If I try to set the read-permission to indirect this works, setting it to No also but if I try to set it to yes this fails. I traced the communication in SQL profiler and tracing shows that in case of a yes a 0 is sent and not the expected 1. The same is true if I replace the string values by corresponding integer values, things still go wrong.

    So for example, the following works:  Set-NAVServerPermission -ServerInstance DynamicsNAV71 -PermissionSetId "MYCUSTOM"  -ObjectId 745 -ObjectType Table -Read Indirect

    The following not :  Set-NAVServerPermission -ServerInstance DynamicsNAV71 -PermissionSetId "MYCUSTOM"  -ObjectId 745 -ObjectType Table -Read Yes

    Anyone encountered similar problems?


    Friday, December 5, 2014 12:55 PM

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