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  •   I spent 3 weeks making a video of hundreds of pics, and a few songs.  Finally finished it today and I was using Windows Movie Maker.  I went to burn a DVD and it said it was closing and opening up the project in Windows DVD Maker.  It then had several options to change the menu and a bunch of other stuff.  When I finished choosing all the little gadgets I wanted on the DVD, it said it was saving or save as, but something to that effect.  It never asked me "ready to burn DVD".  The window just closed.  Now when you try to open up the file, it's written as a .MSWMM file.  No program I have will open this file and the programs I do have say that the file can't be opened.  What do I do so that I can have everything back to normal and burn my DVD? Please can somebody get back to me ASAP because I was supposed to mail these DVDs off this morning?  Thank you.


    Or is there someone who can just tell me where to go from here?  Maybe I missed a step, but either way, it won't open, and I can't burn the DVD.


    Extremely frustrated and ready to throw my laptop in the microwave,


    Sunday, October 14, 2007 1:09 AM

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