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  • I purchased a computer a couple years ago from TigerDirect.com. It had Windows XP Home on it, and the key is still on the sticker on the case.

    I recently took a computer class where we learned with Windows 2000, so I ghosted my XP setup to an external hrd drive, then put Windows 2000 on my machine.

    I just tried to go back, but I realized I couldn't even open Ghost because it said the OS was unsupported. (I must have purchased a version for XP only) So I decided to take one of those XP evaluation CD's that we used to practice with in class to reinstall, and when the product key box popped up, I would use the real product key on my box. That didn't work. I've even tried throwing in the Windows 2000 CD and putting that back on it, but now I'm stuck in limbo at that XP product key screen.

    Is there anyway I can either 1) Get XP Home back using the key that came with the box, or 2) temporary load Windows 2000 back on it at the very least?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.



    Saturday, September 30, 2006 5:23 PM