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  • I've run into an interesting problem with my PC back ups.  When I added two of my computers to the server using the connect CD, I had attached to the computers a 40 GB USB portable hard drive that I use to hold files that I need to take with me when I leave home (an device that I hope will no longer be necessary after I get WHS working with confidence).  Now when I look at my back ups of these computers in the remote sever window consul it shows that none of my home computers have been backed up.  I look at the details of the back ups and it shows that the internal drives are backed up, but since the USB hard drive was not attached during the back up it shows that the whole computer is not backed up.  I'm not worried because I do have a back up of the internal hard drives that I can access, but it was very confusing that on the PC it would say that the back up had completed, but on the consul it shows that the back up was incomplete because of the removed drive. 
    Is there a way that you can tell WHS that that drive is no longer needed so the computer will show that it is backed up on the "PC back up tab", and no longer search for the removable drive?

    Thursday, May 3, 2007 9:17 PM