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  • Hi all,

    I've been happily running my WHS v1 for years now and it's recently giving us some trouble.  These issues may be connected:

    1. We lose the ability to connect to the server via all machines every now and then.  It's up and it's active and we used to be able to access remotely via xxxx.homeserver.com but going to \\xxxx on the LAN just stops.  We've had to force reboot the server a number of times recently b/c the console and rdp wouldn't work either...strange.
    2. Could be related and the reason for this post, Remote Access is configured but verification fails now.  Specifically, the redirect fails to get to the Home Server homepages when I go to xxxx.homeserver.com **but** I can access the server (LAN and from outside) by going to xxxx.homeserver.com/hphome.

    I really have no idea what is going on here.  I've done these things so far:

    1. Inspected IIS (sites are all up)
    2. Repaired the backup db (this was simply b/c of a drive kicked itself off the server (probably unrelated but I believe it may be failing...that's a different story)
    3. Repaired .NET 2.0 SP2
    4. Eventlog entries have some ASP.NET warnings (specifically a dll that fails to load b/c of an incorrect parameter) - unfortunately I don't have that exact dll name right now and I cleared the log recently during routine maintenance so I don't now how long that warning has been firing

    Any thoughts?  I've read all of the posts and the next thing I'll try is to uninstall RA and then run the files in the WHS directory related to it.  Very strange that this would randomly start to happen.

    Finally, I only run 2 add-ins right now:

    1. Cloudberry
    2. LightsOut


    Thursday, January 10, 2013 4:27 PM

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  • One update.  I am unable to uninstall the remote access components through add/remove programs.  I started going about manually uninstalling them but stopped when I realized that I may need to mess with IIS (possibly uninstall/reinstall that for a fresh start).  Considering this is currently my only backup of some files, I don't want to be too invasive right now.

    Currently backing up files to another location as well. 

    Fun.  Still looking to see if anyone has a simple fix for this random occurrence.  Everything worked a couple days ago.  C:\ disk space is very healthy.

    Friday, January 11, 2013 3:46 PM