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  • I have been having problems getting my password reset on my live account for months now.  I am trying to get this done for xbox live and renewing my gold membership.  Here's the problem.  I no longer have access to the email on the acount and have contacted the provider to see if I can get access to it to get the password reset or the one I had in the saved folder.  They no longer have the info on file since it has been a year since I changed internet providers.  I have filled out the reset form now 10 times over the past 3 1/2 months and have gotten some replys that I am not entering enough info on the form.  Problem is I did not set up the account a friend did who died over in Iraq last year.  However my xbox live account fees were taken out of my account to pay for my xbox live gold membership.  I have spoken with over ten people with xbox and I have filled out the reset form so many times I dream about the damn thing.  But its hard to answer some of the questions when I was not the one that filled it all out.  I am now told I can't even reactivate my xbox live account since I asked them to cancel it til I get a reply on the password reset.  All the games and DLC I have purchased are now uselessly with game saves since I cant even access them to play online since I cannot renew my account.  What else is there to do?  There is no way to contact anyone in the windows live department or so xbox tells me and it says I have tried the password so many times even if I find the right one it will not tell me that I have and let me have access.  Do I now have a paper weight in the xbox since I refuse to start a new account and all over again and have my kids have to do the same?
    Sunday, August 12, 2012 1:48 AM

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  • Does anyone even check these messages that works for Windows Live?  I mean I have filled out that form on your site like 20 times or more and have not gotten any replys and yes I check the Spam Folder everyday along with it.  I was given a phone number by a xbox live tech to call windows live and was told it would cost me $129 to get a password reset.  For real!  I just want my xbox live account and gamertag to go to my current email address is all.  The xbox can take my monthly fees and and I can get online but cannot get into my account.  Oh now xbox tells me that I can just start a new account and gamertag but all the DLC and games I have paid for will not be able to be used because it will be attached to my old account.  If I want to use them I will have to purchase them all over again.  Is this a Scam Alert or what?  I can either pay $129 or $200+ to get all the DLC again.  Why is the communication between Xbox and Windows Live so small.  Xbox uses them to handle their account but have no way to contact them other than the form we are told to use which doesn't seem to work at all.  The lack of communication there is just nuts and the customer service between the two of them is non-existant.
    Friday, August 17, 2012 7:52 PM