How to get 2/1 as 1/2 in Crystal Report RRS feed

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    Dear Readers i have developed a software using urdu language as interface which is about inventory control system.. i have developed

    certain reports as per requirements like
    Sales Report , Purchase Reports , Customer , Vendor, Company etc.
    As the input language is urdu so the text alignment is RightToLeft. but there is a problem i.e.  when i entered a product
    e.g (ونو بلاک 1/2 HP-1S دین) through the form input it works fine and shows me the record as it is entered i.e Align=RightToLeft=true
    but when i view the report where too i have set its alignment=RightToLeft=True...it doesn't work as it is supposed to do.
    it shows me (ونو بلاک 2/1 HP-1S دین).Here in 1/2 is replaced with 2/1.... i have set its alignment back to Left but it still doesnot work.
    Please guide me to solution. Thank You.
    Hamad Salahuddin

    Hamad Salahud-din
    Friday, February 13, 2009 7:21 AM