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    I am trying to deply OCS 2007 public beta SE. The users are unable to sign-in. Taking into consideration suggestions from Validation Tool, EventViewer and Communicator 2007, I have now stucked by this EventViewer alert: "Connection to back-end database succeeded, but failed to execute registration stored procedure on the back-end. This error should not occur under normal operating condition. Contact support services." (Category: (1006), Event ID 30962)


    Any ideas?


    Communicator 2007 reports to the user: "Cannot sign in to the Communications Service because the server is temporarily unavailable".

    Front-End Server validation tool reports: "Failed to send SIP request: outgoing TLS negotiation failed; HRESULT=-2146893022. Suggested Resolution: Make sure that the server is listening on the specified IP address/Port/Transport. If you have a firewall make sure that this port is open. Make sure that the server is running. This can be ignored if you have not enabled the transport on the target server."

    Due to the Ethereal sniffs I would say that certificates are OK ...

    When I try sign-in on port 5060 using Kerberos authentication it looks like Kerberos goes fine, but registration fails - using Ethereal I can see a message "The server encountered an unexpected internal error. Internal Error: DbStore Authorization sproc failed".


    Thanx in advance.


    Regards, Rudi.

    Thursday, April 26, 2007 11:13 AM


  • No more problems after re-installation of OCS 2007. During the reinstallation I choose new paths for database files. I also select "Clients will be manually configured for logon" during the deployment while in previous installation I had "... automatic logon".


    Regards, Rudi.

    Monday, May 7, 2007 9:17 AM