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  • I have an update.


    As time went on, the number of URLs without insertions has decreased. The pattern of change was weird though:


    1. First, some insertions began to work, in order of appearance, from left to right. For example, we started to receive clicks where URL had {keyword} insertion, thought {adID} and {MatchType} would still be in failing and URL would contain %7BAdID%7B and %7BMatchType%7B

    2. Then adID insertion began to work

    3. MatchType insertion is working now again.


    Buf if {keyword} insertion did not work, then the rest of insertions did not work either.


    Now only relatively small portion of traffic had corrupted/failed insertions.


    I'd like MSN to escalate this issue and fix it ASAP.



    Thursday, June 28, 2007 9:26 PM