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  • Can someone please help me with this problem? It's regarding Headers and Footers. I've spent hours on the telephone and emailed everyone possible, but i can't get an answer for this. Here goes: As a court reporter, we use custom paper to transcribe our trials on which has a watermark on the left side of the page and numbers that run down. Now, everytime i go to "Make the first page header or footer different from the rest of the pages" tab, my watermark disappears. This happens also when i try to insert the "page number" tab, the watermark disappears. Now, this custom watermark is essential to our transcription because this is the line that the lawyers use to indicate what line they're looking at. So can someone help with this???  We've always used micro-office software and are currently using 2003 but we want to upgrade our stations to 2007. So I've downloaded the 60-day trial on my home computer to try it out and give feedback to my administrator to whether or not we are going to go to 2007. But if it's not compatible with our paper, then there's no sense in purchasing it for our work stations. The odd thing is we have no problem with the 2003 version, so why is this being so difficult in 2007?

    I hope someone can help and you may personally email me at margote@shaw.ca if you have an answer to this. Thank you in advance.

    Megan Olson 

    Monday, March 31, 2008 9:44 PM


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  • Thank you for the video, but unfortunately it didn't help. Really confusing and not user friendly. It tells me how to place a watermark, but i want to do the opposite. I want to insert page numbers, but when i click on that tab in headers, my watermark disappears again. I have to be honest, although there are many good features with office 2007, the bad ones outweigh the good. They have made this so difficult to understand. Placing headers in 2003 office is so easy a two year old could do it, but 2007 is unbelievably difficult. I am going to recommend to my administrator at the court house not to purchase this software for our stations. Everyone there would be pulling their hair out and that wouldn't be good. We try to keep stress levels down, but this software definitely won't do it for us. I have given up on anyone coming forward to explain to me how to do it, and it just indicates to me that no one knows how to either. So what does that tell me? I suggest microsoft take a better look at this software.



    Thursday, April 3, 2008 5:40 AM
  • You might try posting your question to the Office experts in the Office newsgroup:



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