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  • Greetings Everyone!

    We are a small shop (220 users) and currently run LCS 2003.  Because some of our business deals are performed over IM, I have been shopping IM Management products and an upgrade or replacement for LCS.  OCS 2007 appears to have everything I need (logging, security, PIC, etc).  However, I am very confused about the licensing requirements.  I have read through all the OCS docs from MS, Googled, and read about everything I can find on forums/blogs/reviews over the past week and still cannot find an answer.  Any assistance with the questions below would be greatly appreciated!

    1)  Which version of server and external connector licenses, Standard or Enterprise, do I need to allow an internal OCS server with a separate Edge server for PIC?

    2)  If I install OCS on a single server with a separate Access Edge server, is that one or two OCS server licenses?

    I know this information is somewhere, but all I can find is "Standard supports core functionality; Enterprise supports addtional functionality.  The problem is I cannot find definitions for core vs. additional.  Thanks in advance for your replies.  Smile

    Brian Bickers
    Thursday, May 29, 2008 2:49 PM

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  • Ok, you inspired me to make a blog post on this topic  I am cursed with licensing knowledge from my days at MS, so I figured I'd make use of the info.

    OCS 2007 Licensing Explained

    Thursday, May 29, 2008 7:49 PM
  • Excellent info, Mike!  Thanks for the explanation!

    Let me restate what I understand from your post, so that I am 100% clear.

    My environment is a single location with 250 users, Exchange 2003 SP2, WinXP desktops, and Office 2007 Pro.  My architecture would be a single server (dual proc, 4 GB RAM) running Windows Server 2003 R2 (32-bit), OCS 2007 Standard Server, and SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition.  We have no need for external users and UC is wayyyy down the road.

    To properly license this environment, I would need:
    • (1) OCS 2007 Standard Server license
    • (250) OCS Standard CALs
    • (250) PIC licenses
    • (250) Communicator licenses

    My SQL Server and W2k3 licenses are already purchased, as we recovered these licenses from a consolidation effort six months ago.  Did I read your blog post correctly?  (That article is very well written, I might add.  Excellent work!)

    Friday, May 30, 2008 4:28 PM
  • Almost - OCS 2007 Standard automatically installs SQL 2005 Express.  You cannot use any other version of SQL with OCS 2007 Standard.  To use your existing license of SQL Standard you would need to install OCS 2007 Enterprise and SQL 2005 on two separate systems.
    Friday, May 30, 2008 4:39 PM

    Actually, if you want to do Public IM you're going to need at least an Edge Server as well. PIC is accomplished by federating with the Microsoft PIC proxy. An Access Edge server is a prerequisite for federation.
    Tuesday, December 2, 2008 7:38 PM