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  • The Xbox and other gaming councils have made great leaps and strides with technology with motion cap that includes Microsoft's Kinect and better processing power that give gamers bigger and better looking games than ever. I have two ideas on how Microsoft can be at the cutting edge of these aforementioned technologies.

    The first will deal with processing power. There is only one way to be at the top of the competition in processing power is to employ the theory of Quantum Entanglement. Quantum Entanglement can be apllied to computers to be able to send information instantly, in other words faster than the speed of even light. This means that lag will no longer exsists, games can be built to any almost unlimited size, and anything in those games can be possible. This technology is being researched by scientists right now but is in its infancy of being applied to computers and can only do simple calculations but has infinite possiblities. If Microsoft invests money into the project, then the technology will speed up in its ability to be apllied to peoples computers and maybe even our Xboxs.

    The last technology that I think that should be made for the next generation of XBoxs is a device that will allow gamers to directly manipulate the movements of players the same way that we control our own bodies. I havn't heard of any technology like this. This device should tap into the part of the mind that controls our bodies so that any movement that the gamer would make will be made by the player that the gamer controls.

    Please comment on this or leave your own ideas.

    Wednesday, March 20, 2013 1:05 AM