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  • I have MS Money Plus which (like Lotus 1-2-3) I would like to continue using indefinitely.  I never used the software for interactive communication with financial vendors, even when that capability was still available.  However, a hard drive failure has meant that I needed to reinstall recently.  I had no significant problems reinstalling and then manually updating to Version xxxx.1415.

    Here are my two questions:

    1.  I have vague memories that when the interactive Money "Help" facility was discontinued, I was prompted to download a static "Help" file.  If this memory is correct, where will I find this file, either in the backup of my former configuration or on the MS website?  I could find no mention of it in searching the support website.

    2.  I'm being prompted to activate within 60 days, which of course I'm no longer able to do.  [But I was surprised and delighted to discover that I appear to have recovered the ability to download security values interactively, presumably for just the 60 days; I thought that that capability ended for everyone a long time back.]  After the 60 days I anticipate installing the Sunset version, but the documentation for that version is not clear on one point.  Am I correct in thinking that the Sunset version will give me all of the functionality that I currently retain (except, of course, for the temporary ability to update my portfolio values interactively)?  In other words, is there any significant difference other than removal of the activation requirement?

    Thursday, October 13, 2011 5:19 PM

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  • To reinstall later, you may need Money Plus Sunset. If you have Money Plus Premium installed, you will have to uninstall first before installing Money Plus Deluxe Sunset. See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2118008

    Sunset loses all direct download ability. It has a reduced non-online help. Otherwise it will be quite familiar to you.

    If you can,  before your installation times out, I suggest that you disable direct online access to each financial instution in your Money file with your current installation before moving to Sunset. If you can't, that's ok.

    PocketSense can help with Sunset if you want to direct OFX/QIF statement download, and your financial institution(s) supports that.

    Thursday, October 13, 2011 6:59 PM