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  • I am writing a UWP app, and receiving an error in the Visual Studio 2017 XAML Designer. I have seen many places that suggest using a second instance of Visual Studio 2017 to attach the debugger to the first instance. Most of these tell me to attach to XDesProc, which is not available in the list of processes (I think XDesProc is from a previous version of Visual Studio). But if I try attaching to devenv (which is the only process in the list that looked like it was even a possibility), I cannot get it to work (the debugger runs, but it doesn't give me any messages, so it isn't helping me). The error does not appear until I move the cursor over the Designer (I don't know if this is relevant or not). I have also seen sites suggesting that I add code that uses


    But until I know where in my code the problem is I'm not sure how this will help. How do I debug the Visual Studio 2017 Designer? Is this what I should be doing for errors in the designer? Help.

    Nathan Sokalski

    Sunday, November 25, 2018 3:31 PM

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  • Hi Nathan,

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    Refer to your description, it seems your issue is about the debug and our forum is to discuss the VS IDE, I will help you move this thread to the appropriate forum to seek for a more professional support, thank you for your understanding.

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