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    I have a custom entity named “s_check” which has a custom field named “new_date_issued” of type “date and time”.


    Each record in that same custom “s_check” entity also contains a field named “new_processed” of type “single line of text” and there is either a letter “U” or “P” inside that field.




    I would like the user to be able to go into some kind of new form to select a “start date” and a “stop date”, which will cause all records from the s_check table that contain a value of “U” in the “new_processed” field AND also contain a date in the“new_date_issued” field that falls between the user selected “start date” and “stop date” to get their “new_processed” field updated to “P”


    How might I approach this issue?


    I am thinking that perhaps a workflow structure is what I need to use, but I am hoping someone could recommend a method of approach and possibly point me a couple of relevant web resources that address this type of issue.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    By this : "like the user to be able to go into some kind of new form" are you planning to have a new html page or something that has nothing to do with any other entity form? Depending on that you have two options:

    1. If the new kind of form is a html page and not a entity form: You can have this new HTML form page as a WebResource in Dynamics CRM and maybe pop it up on Ribbon Button/Command Bar Button click. Additionally to perform the task of updating, you can use the CRM OData REST API to fetch all your relevant records that match the criteria and update them.

    2. If the new kind of form is actually an entity form: You can have a Plugin registered on Create/Update of the record of this new entity (since when you save the entity form a record will be created). In the Plugin logic you can perform your fetch and update. Otherwise, you can have this implemented using JavaScript also using the OData REST API of Dynamics CRM by making those calls OnSave of the entity Form.

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