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  • One Care used my credit card ID to renew my membership.  I allowed this to happen because the virus protection has been great.  ALL MY PHOTOS AND DOCUMENTS HAVE VANISHED.  I have tried restoring everything I can.  Irreplaceable pictures of my kids, massive Word documents, all missing.  PLEASE HELP.


    Tuesday, October 21, 2008 6:07 AM


  • I've moved your post to the General folder.

    The renewal and the apparent loss of your data would be unrelated events.

    When did you notice your missing data and what did you do to try and locate it?

    If this happened within the last few days following a Windows Update that rebooted your machine, try rebooting again as you profile may not have loaded correctly. I had this last night following a Vista update. When the machine rebooted and I logged on, I was presented with the default profile. Going to the Documents folder for this user would have yielded a blank  as it wasn't my profile. Logging off and back on again (or rebooting the PC) resolved the problem.

    Alternatively, open Windows Explorer and navigate to:

    C:\Documents and Settings\%User% - where %User% is your login User ID for Windows --- XP

    C:\Users\%User% - --- Vista

    Within the %User% folder you will find your Documents, Pictures, Videos, Favorites, etc. folders.

    If you are logged in as the default profile, you may not be able to access the other User folders.


    Assuming that my guess above is wrong, and you experienced some sort of hardware problem or other issue that actually did delete your files, what do you mean by "I have tried restoring everything I can"? Has OneCare been doing a backup at least monthly with Tune-up or have you turned off backup? If OneCare has backed up your data it can be restored, at least those files that were backed up according to your plan settings and those files that existed before your last backup ran.




    Tuesday, October 21, 2008 2:14 PM