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  • WGA was installed as an automatic update on my 3 month old HP ZD8000 laptop (bought from HP with WinXP pre-installed) and the computer locked up during the installation.  I turned the laptop off and after that it would freeze as soon as it got to the "Welcome to Windows" banner.  I was only able to fix it (after many tries and much frustration) by booting into safe mode and doing a system restore.  I wasted a lot of time on just getting the PC usable again.  Now that it works I sure don't want to install WGA and risk having it broken again, but I understand that without WGA I will not be able to get security updates. 

    I don't have any real problems with MS wanting to ensure that people pay for windows, but I get very upset when my new computer is rendered unusable by their enforcement efforts.  I have two more windows PCs in the house and I'm very concerned that I'll be wasting hours recovering each one after they are automatically updated. 

    This whole thing makes me like my linux PC (that I'm posting this message from) more and more.  Linux has its issues, but at least it boots up every time.  Thanks MS for making me a linux believer. 

    Friday, May 19, 2006 7:56 PM