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    In previous versions running anything as administrator would be dead easy. As i'm working in a domain, to preform administrative tasks on my machine i cosntantly need to use the local administrator account.


    In windows xp or 2003 i would simply run a CMD as administrator and run everything i need from there, CPL items, applications, iexplore to browse C: as admin. But now there is just no way i can do that! When i try for example to run appwiz.cpl to uninstall a program i get a pop up saying i have no permissions and that i msut log as administrator, but i AM running that as administrator i'm just logged as a regular domain user ....


    is there any workarounds? I'm seriously tired of this BS

    EDIT: i was actually able to preform several admin task running the CMD as administrator, i can't however, uninstall any program runing APPWIZ.cpl inside the cmd (run as local admin account)
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