Where do I ask about non-technical, non-problem-related, general Microsoft questions at? RRS feed

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  • This is the homepage of Microsoft.


    I cannot even find where I need to click to get to, say, forums or message boards, where I can ask about general Windows 10 questions related to software usages, and other general things that has nothing to do with issues/problems and troubleshooting stuffs.

    There are things, like many things, that just browsing the Microsoft homepage is not helping me. I need specific answers to specific questions that the homepage doesn't cover very well with.

    I find that navigating to a certain forums or message boards on Microsoft from the homepage to be very difficult and confusing for someone who wanted to ask about non-technical questions regarding Windows 10, Microsoft Surfaces, and some other hardware/software product-related questions pertaining to Microsoft itself.

    I really wanted to just go to X site on Microsoft from the homepage, post a question about Windows 10 Sandbox and how do I get my evaluated Enterprise OS activated, or go to X site on Microsoft from the homepage, post a question about using Microsoft Edge, and ask about where I can set certain configurations at. I wanted something like that. 

    I could say and report that the Microsoft homepage navigation is hard. Just hard for me to go find a suitable forums or message boards to start asking questions about.

    Please let me know where I need to go to. Thanks.

    Sunday, August 11, 2019 6:04 PM


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