Windows Home Server wired backup only makes a backup of the wireless card drivers RRS feed

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  • I am having an odd issue with my home server.  I understand that while it can do a wireless backup, it can't do a wireless system restore.

    So.. i performed a wired backup of my Macbook (running Windows Vista in bootcamp)... and it ONLY makes a backup of my Wirless Network card drivers.  I've even gone so far as to disable the wireless card and run a wired backup.

    This is what happens:

    1. Disable wireless card
    2. Run a backup through the wires card
    3. Try to run a restore to test, no network card drivers found
    4. Copy the drivers folder from the Home Server Backup of the Macbook - Opened from my Dell PC
    5. Have the Home Server Restore search the memory key I copied the above driver file to
    6. It ONLY finds the wireless card drivers, even though the wireless card was disabled and the backup was a wired backup

    I've read other forums saying they've been able to perform a restore on their Macbook so I'm confident it's not a Bootcamp issue... How can I get the wired network card drivers?

    Help!  I want to install a larget HDD (80 for OSX and 80 for Vista is not big enough!)
    Friday, February 20, 2009 2:32 AM