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    I am new to ASP.Net. I have a question. How can I have a DDL, when selected, pull in a single record from a database. The code below works because it is hard coded. How can I do the same w/out hard coding? Thanks,



    Protected Sub ddlBusName_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles ddlBusName.SelectedIndexChanged


    Dim ***** As String = "Data Source=(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS_LIST=" _


    "(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=*****)(HOST=*********)(PORT=******)))" _


    "(CONNECT_DATA=(SERVER=*******)(SERVICE_NAME=*******)));" _


    "User Id=*******;Password=*******;"


    Dim conn As New OracleConnection(*****)

     Dim ds As New DataSet()



    ddlBusName.SelectedValue = "Aliceville Wolverines"



    Dim sql As String

    sql =

    "SELECT Bus_ID_Num, Bus_Name, Dscr FROM GZBJLD_BUSINESS_INFO where bus_name = 'Aliceville Wolverines'"


    Dim dataadapter As New OracleDataAdapter(sql, conn)



    GridView1.DataSource = ds.Tables(



    GridView1.DataMember =





    End If
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    You posted this in a Windows Workflow forum, so we don't have the expertise here to answer you.  Please ask this over at http://forums.asp.net so that you will reach a more relevant set of experts and you can get an answer to your question.



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  • Sorry...Thanks.

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