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  •  i installed a new hard drive ans now i cant even set up my computer it refuses to start up even using the original windows xp service pack 1.

    it tells me on screen to press enter but it does nothing and i cant even get it to boot up.

    Tuesday, August 8, 2006 8:47 PM


  •  Yodaddy wrote:

    Microsoft VIOLATED my trust when they then sneaked WGA into my machine via auto critical security updates.


    The update was Opt-In. By pressing "I Agree" on the EULA, I do believe that counts as opt-in.

    Wednesday, August 9, 2006 6:51 AM

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  • You'll need to look at the back of your new hard drive and make sure the jumper is set on "Master", and not "Slave".  Example: ATA Jumper Settings: http://www.seagate.com/support/kb/disc/ref/jumper_settings.html

    Open the BIOS and make sure the new hard drive is recognized.  Then you need to set your CD Drive as the first bootable drive and the hard drive second.

    Tuesday, August 8, 2006 9:16 PM
  • Wrong!

    If you are only adding an additional hard drive, then do not reconfigure your CD as your boot drive in BIOS. Leave the installed drive as your boot drive (master) and add the new HD as a Slave.

    First turn off your computer and pull the plug from the wall.

    Then pull the new hard drive or at least disconnect it.

    Then boot into BIOS and reconfigure it to support the new drive. If you want it to be the master, then configure it that way in BIOS...But since you are just adding a new drive, make it the slave.

    Then examine both drives and align the jumpers on thier connection ends to agree with how you configured them in BIOS(master/slave), and reinstall/reconnect the drives making sure to locate them on the IDE cable properly (master/slave) as designated in BIOS.(I'm assuming it is a IDE/PATA drive and the cable has two drive connection plugs)

    Plug your computer back in and power up, then attempt to boot up.....If BIOS sees the new drive you are good to go and can now format it.

    Word of caution...If you later install your existing copy of Windows on the new drive you will have to reactivate/revalidate your copy of Windows because you made a hardware change.....Lots of folks do that (use the new drive as a boot drive)when they add the new drive because the new drive is usually larger and faster than their old drive.


    Wednesday, August 9, 2006 12:08 AM
  • Chris,

    It is unfortunate that you are having troubles with your computer, but this forum is not a hardware break/fix forum.

    For better and quicker advice, try the forums at experts exchange, toms hardware, or the forums hosted by the hard disk drive manufacturer or even your computer manufacturer.

    Good luck!

    Wednesday, August 9, 2006 12:41 AM
  •  Yodaddy wrote:

    Heh, heh.....So you read my posts....And you, like Phil and who knows how many others at MS still don't get it do you?

    You say it appears I'm just "blowing off steam".....That means you don't take my comments/complaints/feedback seriously.

    I'm not "just blowing off steam" Stan.....I am way beyond that point.

    I "got burned" when I foolishly paid $200 for a GENIUNE copy of XP at Walmart....A genuine RETAIL copy....But the fact I was burned wasn't revealed to me until MS determined it was "Invalid".....They made that determination after sneaking spyware into my computer and stealing a "Fingerprint" of how I had configured it....Then when I made an upgrade to MY computer, their sneaky little spyware claimed I was using a STOLEN copy of Windows because I had made a change to MY computer. I then had to call some guy in India and try to convince him I did not steal Windows. It was up to him to 'grant' me a new product key.

    It's too bad that none of your posts include the Diagnostic Report that would illuminate this discussion with some facts about the exact situation.

    It sounds a lot like you are describing a typical encounter with Product Activation rather that with WGA.  PA monitors the installation of XP on the computer and raises the red flag if certain conditions indicate that the installation may have moved to a different computer.  However, with a (presumably) full retail license, you are allowed to move the installation from one computer to the next, as long as it is not activated on more than one computer at a time.  Your call to an Activation Center should have been concluded in less than 5 minutes.

    If for some unknown reason the Activation Center refused to accommodate the change, then that would qualify as being "burned" because your copy of XP would have been rendered useless.  If the center allowed the change as they should have done, that is just the way it works and I fail to see how you could claim you were "burned."  PA has been in XP since day one and was well-publicized at XP's debut, so if you did not want to deal with PA, you should not have purchased XP.

     Yodaddy wrote:

    You guys just don't get it....You own windows, but I OWN MY COMPUTER! Microsoft has no right snooping around in MY computer....Windows is an operating system, that is all it is. It is supposed to mate my machine with my software applications....It is not the end-all, do-all, God's Gift to The World solution that everyone should bow to.

    Law Enforcement needs a warrant to fingerprint my computer, but you guys think you can do it by sneaking WGA into it via "Crital Updates".....You guys at Microsoft really do think you are above the law. You sincerely believe you can plant a virus in my machine and get away with it. You truely believe you can change the EULA on the fly and that no one will do anything about it.

    Both the Validation part of WGA and the Notifications part of WGA have EULAs that you had to agree to for them to be installed on your computer, so let's just drop the accusations of "sneaking" unless you want to embarass yourself by admitting you are not responsible for your actions.

    You did not have to install either of the two.  If you chose not to, your computer would have continued to operate normally.  Your computer would have continued to receive critical security updates thru the Automatic Updates mechanism.  Choosing not to install would have disqualified you from receiving the "perk" nice-to-have downloads from MS downloads and would have disqualified you from participating in the "perk" of manually updating your computer at Windows Updates.  A loss of convenience features, Yes, but certainly not the end of the world, and not even a breach of the EULA.

     Yodaddy wrote:

    It's been a real experience having to constantly patch Windows over the years. I've had every virus capable of penitrating it and Explorer.

    Antivirus software?  Safe computing practices?  Firewall?  Again, you are risking embarassment by admitting that you are not taking reasonable precautions.

     Yodaddy wrote:

    I bought XP cause it was supposed to be more secure and less prone to crashing and bugs....Microsoft convinced me that altho XP wasn't virus proof that they would assist by providing Critical Security Updates, and all I had to do was configure my Windows to automaticly receive those updates......I TRUSTED MICROSOFT to do that when I configured Windows to auto update.

    Again, you seem to be assuming that someone else is responsible for keeping your computer safe, secure, and operating properly.  For more than 2-1/2 years, MS has been saying that these are the first three steps to protecting your PC:  firewall, updates, and antivirus software.  http://protect.microsoft.com/security/protect/WSA/en/default.asp

     Yodaddy wrote:

    Microsoft VIOLATED my trust when they then sneaked WGA into my machine via auto critical security updates.

    The very guys I trusted to provide me protection stabbed me in the back.

    THAT is how I got burned, Stan.

    Oh, I see.  You are equating the installation of WGA (not sure if you mean the WGA validation tool or the notification tool, or both) with the infestation of your computer by viruses and malware.  I think I understand why, because in both cases a serious lack of attention on your part was the proximate cause of the installation of something you did not want on your computer.  And such installation and the consequences thereof were the "burning" that took place.

     Yodaddy wrote:

    Stan, if you can't see that, then you are missing a critical update in your Ethics programming....But don't despair, cause society will soon offer all of you there the ethics updates you so dearly need....Trust me, you will get them "automatically".

    Wednesday, August 9, 2006 4:45 AM
  •  Yodaddy wrote:

    Microsoft VIOLATED my trust when they then sneaked WGA into my machine via auto critical security updates.


    The update was Opt-In. By pressing "I Agree" on the EULA, I do believe that counts as opt-in.

    Wednesday, August 9, 2006 6:51 AM
  • Ok, how do I opt-out?
    Wednesday, August 9, 2006 7:22 AM
  • Either uncheck the option to install, or disagree to the EULA.
    Wednesday, August 9, 2006 7:23 AM
  • yo daddy nice conversation between both of you dont understand it tho at least you get someone to talk to it does seem that you do get that some of us never get a reply or we never get it fixed and then they try to bill you for things that youve told them to stop now never again install but they still try to bill and install the item.if i had that much trouble with what you said went on id get a mac and be done with it.with mw forcing ie7 and vista on everyone almost making so you cant operate unless you go there way it s just mind bending dont you think my next one will be a mac thats for sure just so feed up with something that you have to install something to fix something its time for a mac; nuff said
    Tuesday, June 26, 2007 10:25 PM