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  • Great.. click of death on one of my Samsung 500GB drives. Currently, I'm only using 2 of these on a Promise SATA2 controller. Luckily, it's not constantly failing, so I'm able to move my data onto the other 500GB + the DATA partition of my primary drive (30GB out of 40). Sadly, Samsung's drive utilities (SHDIAG and HUTIL) are unable to detect my drive, so rather than fumble with it, I'm just gonna RMA. It's actually cool, because I can test the redundancy factor of the storage system, but this really isn't accurate, since most of my HDD failures were not kind enough to tell me before they died Wink Still, I'm removing the drive in Storage Server as we speak -- aside from the occasional bouts of click-pauses... so far so good. EDIT: finished.

    One thing, since this *is* supposed to be for non-techie folks: if you have multiple identical drives, which is the growing norm, Storage Server doesn't ID them any differently. So, if I didn't know how to ID drives, I'd be clueless which one to pull. I see this as a potential issue.
    Tuesday, March 27, 2007 5:14 PM


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