SyncToyCmd Won't Sync All Pairs RRS feed

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  • When running SyncToyCmd -R I'm getting errors on most, but not all, of my folder pairs:

    SyncToyCmd has detected that the folder pair has not been synchronized yet.

    I've run these all manually through the GUI and I can run the run all option fine in the GUI.  I've tried repairing the program install.  The only other suggestion I've seen in the forums and searching is to redo my folder pair set ups.  Given that it's taken me 3 days to get them set up to begin with due to the large number of documents being synced, I'd switch to another program before going to that level of effort with no guarantee that it will work.  This is a brand new install, why would I need to redo my initial work?

    This is on Windows 2003 server, 32 bit.  Syncing from the local machine out to two 2008 servers.

    Any other suggestions on how to fix this that isn't going to take me another 3 days?


    Friday, October 8, 2010 4:11 PM