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  • Image Composite Editor (Not responding) Somebody can refresh the issues produced in ICE?

    In the last week get this issue with my ICE 64bit W10. Please let me know how can be resolved this problem, I miss the program, before that have used more time each day!

    Tuesday, March 8, 2016 8:02 AM


  • Hi there. 

    By any chance is the hard drive or SSD that Windows is installed on filling up so that it doesn't have very much free space left?

    If that is the case, then ICE may not have enough room to create temporary files when it is trying to stitch your photos together.

    If you are running out of storage space and if you have a second hard drive or storage device attached to your computer, then you can use ICE's options to have ICE create its temporary files on the drive which has more available storage space.

    If you have plenty of available storage space still on your Windows drive (or whatever drive ICE is currently configured on your computer to use to store its temporary files) then you may have too many other programs or files open while you are trying to use ICE.


    I don't know how computer literate you are but your computer has two types of memory.
    Storage space on your hard drive or SSD (where your files are saved) is like long term memory.

    RAM (Random Access Memory) is like short term memory and every time you open an application or file the computer must copy them from your storage space into RAM in order to compute anything.

    The way in which this applies to ICE not responding is that if your computer is running short on available RAM... 
    (perhaps because you have other programs open - or you have opened more photos in ICE than your computer is equipped to 'hold' or 'think about' at one time)
    ...then ICE will struggle to carry the weight of the load you have asked it to carry.


    If your storage disk still has plenty of available space and you don't have other programs or files open when you're trying to use ICE, then I suspect that you have begun to put more photos into each panorama than you did before when you were beginning.

    Is this accurate?
    If you still have the input photos from your older panoramas, does ICE stop responding if you try to stitch together one of the older panoramas?

    As I said, if your computer still has plenty of available storage and you don't open a lot of other unrelated programs and files while using ICE and the reason that you've been seeing ICE stop responding recently is simply that you are now trying to put more photos into ICE at one time, then the only solution for you will either be:

    1. to either purchase more RAM to put in your current computer
    2. or (if your computer's motherboard does not have the capacity for a larger amount of RAM than is currently installed) to buy a new computer which does have more RAM.


    Before you go shopping for RAM or a new computer, though, the next time you open ICE, go ahead and right click on an empty space on the Windows taskbar and open Task Manager.

    When Task Manager opens, click 'More Details' in order to see the Performance tab and click on your Memory (RAM) graph.
    That should help you see whether you computer is having its RAM completely filled up when you're trying to use ICE and whether running out of RAM is the choking point which is causing ICE to struggle.

    You can also go to the Details tab in Task Manager and sort your open applications by Memory (private working set) so that the programs using the most RAM are listed at the top. (You may need to click the heading of that column more than once in order to get it to sort the largest amounts of RAM at the top of the list.)

    This is a very useful way to learn what programs are using the most RAM on your computer. 
    You can also sort by what open programs are using the most CPU power which will help you determine if some other open program is stealing the strength or brainpower which ICE needs to run effectively. (Think of the CPU as your computer's brain speed or muscle tone.)


    Anyway, I know that I am asking a lot of questions. 
    I'm sorry if I'm over-explaining things to you. 

    There are basically a few reasons why ICE could stop responding which I am trying to diagnose: 

    1. It's running out of storage space to do its work (like trying to assemble the world's largest bulldozer in a tiny storage shed in your backyard)
    2. It's running out of RAM (or potentially CPU) because other open files or programs are open and using RAM (and/or CPU) that ICE needs in order to function 
      (This is like trying to get a big job done in a very crowded workplace where other people or animals constantly interrupt you and take the resources you need to do your job.)
    3. You might simply be giving ICE a bigger job than you ever have before (perhaps bigger that your computer is currently equipped to complete).
      (You could think of this like asking someone to carry 15 or 20 pound packages for a week, some 30 pound packages the next week, and then suddenly some 500 pound packages the third week and then wondering why they're going so much slower than they did in weeks one and two.)

    If it is problem 1, then the solution is to make sure that ICE has enough storage space to operate.

    If it is problem 2, then the solution is to make sure that you close other programs and files while you're trying to stitch a pano with ICE.
    (So no web browser with 40 tabs open or playing a UHD BluRay when you're trying to create a pano in ICE.)

    If it is problem 3, then you need to give your current computer the ability to carry more items at a time by adding RAM or buy a new computer which has more RAM if you find that you are unable to add RAM to your current machine's motherboard.


    If you do end up getting a new computer, it wouldn't hurt to also get a faster processor, but it isn't quite as important as having plenty of RAM.
    Stitching extremely high resolution panoramas is like having a load to haul that requires a WIDE LOAD trailer and your RAM is like that trailer - the capacity to carry a lot at once. Your CPU power can be thought of as what sort of car or truck you will be pulling that huge trailer with. You don't want to try to pull it with a sedan or the very smallest pickup truck, but at least if you have enough RAM you at least have the trailer to carry what you want to carry.

    I'll stop writing now while I still can. ツ
    Hopefully this was helpful to you and again I apologize if I'm oversimplifying things you already understand.

    Your fellow panner,

    Sunday, March 13, 2016 11:08 PM