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  • I understand the need to stop hole-in-the-wall system builders from getting a VLK and using it to stiff Microsoft and other legitimate sellers by not paying Microsoft and not charging customers.  Indeed, I've dealt with a customer who had such a setup and didn't realize how this hurts me, his tech support guy, as much as it does Microsoft.

    Fortunately, the scenario with activation in XP seemed to defy the chicken littles for the most part.  Although I must say I only rarely deal with cases like the one I mentioned above as most users have OEM licenses or work at a company that use VLK.  I do think this technology stymies the hobbiest and those who promote Microsoft the most but that's Microsoft's decision to do so.

    What is unacceptable is the issue this week with VLK licenses coming up as illegitimate.  In light of the changes coming with Volume Activation 2.0 there is now resonable cause for concern.  Microsoft admits that there's an increased TCO with VA2 and surely Microsoft is protected financialy from an harm it might do as we've seen it can this week. 

    Friday, October 6, 2006 12:35 AM