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  • We have a Motor Home and we use 2006 Streets and Trips (S&T) as a GPS Device to get us where we’re going.  Right now I use a laptop to show S&T, but because of the dashboard’s configuration I have to put the laptop on the passenger’s side where I can’t see it and so my wife is the navigator.  Unfortunately she’s not a very good navigator so I want to change our setup so I can see the screen while driving.  Because of this I have some questions about S&T.

    First, we use the 2006 S&T Version and it has the GPS Locator (Antenna).  I plan on upgrading to the 2011 or 2012 version.  Will the 2006 GPS Locator work with the newer versions?

    Second, in order to setup a method where I can see the S&T screen on the driver’s side of the dashboard while driving I need to use a screen or a monitor about the size of a Mini iPad.  The way I picture this system working is that S&T would run on my laptop and have a wired or wireless connection to the screen on the driver’s side, but with all the new technology, which I’ve fallen behind on, I’m thinking there might be a better way. In either case does anyone have a suggestion or suggestions for my pictured method or even a different method?

    I should add that my primary concerns are to keep the cost at a minimum and I would like to avoid using something like a Mini iPad or an iPhone where data usage would be a concern.


    Saturday, November 24, 2012 5:36 PM

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  • If you plan to uprage, the Microsoft store has the 2013 version for $15.00 shipped. But hurry.

    Pretty sure that your GPS device, if it worked with a previous version, will work with the current.

    I love this product. i originally used it with a laptop, then added a secondary flat screen display. Both were combersome.

    Finally setteled for an ASUS eee pc 900. You may find a used one on EBAY. Runs XP and has a 8G SSD. I velcroed the PC and dash, and sticked on. The GPS I have is a USB device and works well where the PC lies on the dash. 


    Sunday, November 25, 2012 2:07 PM