system drive is failing in WHS, is there a way to smoothly transfer all the backups/settings to a new drive? RRS feed

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  • My OEM drive in HP MediaServer started to fail sporadically, having bad sectors and at times refusing to do backups (until I run chkdsk /f on, then it kind of sort of works for a week or next bad sector). The disk is still marked as 'Healthy' though. I have backup history for my machines for quite a while and would like to keep some of them. Is there a way to install home server on a new disk, but transfer backups/settings from the old one? I'm not that  worried about shares (as I have duplication turned on) and most of  my files reside on my client machines anyway (and in backup database).

    Currently I don't have homeserver backup. If I set one up, then yank the system drive, replace it with a new one, install homeserver and then do restore -- would it solve my problem? Any other ideas (like doing bit to bit copy - 0.5T drives should be cheap by now)?
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    Monday, November 30, 2009 3:54 AM


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