VS Instrumentation error: Write I/O operation failed.


  • I am trying to instrument my application using VS 2017. I am using analyze -> Performance Profiler -> Performance Wizard -> Instrumentation to instrument my solution.

    I receive below error:

    Profiling started.
    Instrumenting C:\xxx\xxx\obj\Release\YYY.exe in place
    Info VSP3049: Small functions will be excluded from instrumentation.
    Microsoft (R) VSInstr Post-Link Instrumentation 15.0.26906 x64
    Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp. All rights reserved.
    File to Process:
    C:\xxx\xxx\obj\Release\YYY.exe in place
    Original file backed up to C:\xxx\xxx\obj\Release\YYY.exe.orig
    Error VSP1014: Write I/O operation on file 'C:\xxx\xxx\obj\Release\YYY.exe' failed.
    PRF0002: Instrumentation failed with these options: /u "C:\xxx\xxx\obj\Release\YYY.exe"   /excludesmallfuncs.  Please check the output window for additional details.

    Same issue occurs for all dll's in solution

    I also tried using VsIntr 64-bit from VS Developer command prompt. But facing same issue.

    Please help.



    Tuesday, July 10, 2018 7:23 AM