Spoofed useragents coming from MSN ip ranges RRS feed

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  • We are getting a lot of rubbish traffic originating from MSN ip ranges (65.55.109.*, 65.55.110.*), all of which is obviously spoofed useragents.

    Rather than identifying itself as msnbot, it ids itself as IE6, yet doesn't pass the proper headers (accept encoding, etc).

    We block all IE6 agent which do not pass the proper headers. As a result, all of your fraudulent requests are getting junked now. As they should.

    Beyond the normal issues of dishonesty here, it also appears to be a cheap way to inflate browser statistics for one of the worst browsers mankind has ever seen, thus justifying the need to spend countless hours of productivity making special case exceptions for this garbage browser.

    This has to stop.

    For now, we've simply 404d every request you guys are making with your spambot. When you learn to grow up and show some respect for the goddamned internet, please let us know.

    msnbot is still allowed. For now. Keep ____ with our servers, and we'll blacklist msn entirely. Google indexes our sites, and plays by rules which somehow keeps their bots out of our anti-____ traps.

    This is why google owns the search world. Because you guys have no respect for anyone. You don't write the rules, and the sooner you learn that, the better.
    Monday, April 20, 2009 11:34 PM