Difficulty reinstalling after rebuild with SiI 3132 SataLINK... RRS feed

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  • So I had a hardware (mobo) meltdown last week.  I have since rebuilt my machine and am trying to get up and running again with a new Gigabyte GA-G41M mobo and e6400 CPU (same system HD's as the previous WHS install)


    When I try to do a WHS reinstall to preserve my 14TB of data, I get the option to select drivers for my SiI 3132 SataLINK eSata card that is connected to two 8-bay storage towers...

    After I select the drivers, I see each drive illuminate and cycle through as WHS recognizes them, but once the cycle is finished, the dos window that pops up during the install never goes away.  I can move the mouse and such so the machine is definitely not hard locked, but I've let it sit like this for several hours and it wont go away..  (you can see the screen here: http://www.cascaders.com/photo.jpg )


    I am desperate not to lose my data, so any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Tuesday, January 18, 2011 3:55 AM