how to log the powershellactivity RRS feed

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  • I am running a PS script to stop and restart Services using Restart-Service. For troubleshooting issues I'd like to write the output of every activity to a log file so we can make sure the services stopped and restart.please find the code:

    $logfile = 'c:\Temp\test.log'

    $mailprops= @{

    From = 'operating.system@abc.com'

    To = 'asdf@abc.com'

    Subject = 'test'

    Attachment = $logfileSmtpServer = ''

    'Stopping services' | Out-File $logfile

    Stop-Service '3456','2354' 'Services stopped' | Out-File $logfile -append

    Restart-computer QY34-Force 'Remote computer sent restart command' | Out-File $logfile -append

    Send-MailMessage @mailprops

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