Can't find baseimage-16299.win. required by DAC RRS feed

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  • The last windows update took me to 16299. I need to update my DAC using a compatabile baseImage-16299??.win

    The website lists images but downloads Windows_InsiderPreview_DAC_16299.wim.

    The DAC does not accept this file. I am suppost to unpackit somehow? the file unacker ftom the store dosn't accept it.

    The last time i did the is with 15063.

    I have installed the most current SDK and DAC

    Administrator powerShell

    PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> DesktopAppConverter.exe -Setup -BaseImage c:/Users/bwilley/Dow
    nloads/Windows_InsiderPreview_DAC_16299.wim -verbose
    VERBOSE: Log file can be found in
    VERBOSE: Desktop App Converter
    VERBOSE: --------------------------------------------------

    Checking Prerequisites

    VERBOSE: Checking Windows Version to ensure it meets minimum requirements
    VERBOSE: Minimum Windows Version requirement is met.
    VERBOSE: --------------------------------------------------

    Running Setup

    VERBOSE: Checking that the Base Image file
    'c:/Users/bwilley/Downloads/Windows_InsiderPreview_DAC_16299.wim' exists
    VERBOSE: Ensuring that the Base Image file
    'c:/Users/bwilley/Downloads/Windows_InsiderPreview_DAC_16299.wim' is a valid windows
    VERBOSE: An error occurred converting your application. Here is the full error

    PowerShell Error Record:
    DesktopAppConverter : error 'E_INVALID_BASEIMG':
    'c:/Users/bwilley/Downloads/Windows_InsiderPreview_DAC_16299.wim' is not a valid base
     image. Please supply a valid .wim file that matches your OS build from
    PowerShell Stack Trace:
    at RaiseUserException, C:\Program
    util\DACLogger.ps1: line 154
    at ValidateBaseImage, C:\Program
    util\InputValidation.ps1: line 358
    at Setup-DesktopAppConverter, C:\Program
     line 74
    at <ScriptBlock><Process>, C:\Program
    Converter.ps1: line 382
    at <ScriptBlock>, <No file>: line 1

    The issue is that the referred to website no longer has baseImage-16299.win. The images indicate they are but the downloads are windows_insiderPreviews_DAC_16229.win that isn't the correct file.

    No baseimages can be found at the mS Store. The syntax of the command seems correct.

    It was suggested  that I run this script

    $pathToBaseImage = "C:\Users\bwilley\Downloads\Windows_InsiderPreview_DAC_16299.wim"
    $pathToBaseImage = (get-item $pathToBaseImage).fullname
    $image = Get-WindowsImage -ImagePath $pathToBaseImage -Index 1
    # Check for presence of CExecSvc to validate that this is a container base image.
    $imageContents = Get-WindowsImageContent -ImagePath $pathToBaseImage -Index 1
    if (!$imageContents.Contains('\Windows\System32\CExecSvc.exe'))
    echo "missing \CExecSvc.exe"
    if (!$imageContents.Contains('Windows\System32\CExecSvc.exe'))
    echo "missing CExecSvc.exe"

    The output is  "missing CExecSvc.exe"


    Further research into the DAC scripts finds a similar test is in 

    C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.DesktopAppConverter_2.1.1.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\converter_util\InputValidation.ps1

    As can be observed the executable needs to be either in the *.win or or the system. Now yet the start of another hunt begins.

    How does the executable become resident on the system? Nowhere in "web land" is the answer.  Perhaps some prior loaded it?

    I turned on Windows_insiderPreview hoping for an update there is nothing since 16299.125.

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  • Hi,

    Thank you for posting here.

    According to the snippet code, the project is power shell type, you could post the issue on power shell forum. I will move the case to off-topic forum

    >>The last windows update took me to 16299.

    you means that the windows 10 update causes the issue?  About windows 10 feedback issue, you can post the issue on here.

    Best Regards,



    Based on my search, I found a similar solution, you could reference it

    Did you re-download the image file from here

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  • All update dates were from the normal windows update. The ".win" file being referenced in the DAC -setup -BaseImage came from https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/dac. Since this is "*16299.0.win" the system is current. The issue is yet to be resolved. BTW: this is not a powerShell issue.

    Perhaps a work around is to use MakeAppx and modify a prior PackageFiles. The MakeAppx is also missing.

    Saturday, December 16, 2017 1:25 AM