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  • Hi,

    I am new to this and trying to teach myself VBA as I go.  My challenge is, I have created a Microsoft Word Template.  My template has a number of questions it asks the user, and then populates the results into various bookmarks in a document.  One of the questions is to select which governance committee will be overseeing a project.  I did have the entry originally as a text box function, but thought I would use a  combo box to limit the values.  I created the combo box, it has the values I want and looks okay.  My issue is - how do I have the selected entry from the combo box, post to an assigned bookmark.

    The code I am using is

    Private Sub B_Committee_Change()
    End Sub
    ' combo box values
    Private Sub B_Committee_DropButtonClick()
    B_Committee.List = Array("Executive Board", "Finance and Operations Committee", "People and Culture Committee", "Risk and Audit Committee", "Performance and Assurance Committee", "other")
    End Sub
    ' Cancel button action for form - just hide it
    Private Sub CnclButton_Click()
    End Sub
    ' populating the text box values on the forms, and assinign them to bookmarks
    ' this code is clumsy but works - the bookmark in word is defined twice and data entered into field is used once.  For this reason there are two dim and two set codes referring to the same text box - wop
    ' define and declare fields on the form
    Private Sub OKButton_Click()
    ' Proejct Name
    Dim B_Project_Name As Range
            Set B_Project = ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("B_Project").Range
                B_Project.Text = Me.TextBox1.Value
            Dim Project As Range
            Set Project = ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("Project").Range
                Project.Text = Me.TextBox1.Value
    ' sponsor name to bokmark
            Dim B_Sponsor As Range
            Set B_Sponsor = ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("B_Sponsor").Range
                B_Sponsor.Text = Me.TextBox2.Value
            Dim Sponsor As Range
            Set Sponsor = ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("Sponsor").Range
                Sponsor.Text = Me.TextBox2.Value
    ' project champion name
            Dim B_Champion As Range
            Set B_Champion = ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("B_Champion").Range
                B_Champion.Text = Me.TextBox3.Value
            Dim Champion As Range
                Set Champion = ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("Champion").Range
                Champion.Text = Me.TextBox3.Value
    'Assign champion name to two bookmarks
            Dim B_Manager As Range
            Set B_Manager = ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("B_Manager").Range
                B_Manager.Text = Me.TextBox4.Value
            Dim Manager As Range
            Set Manager = ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("Manager").Range
                Manager.Text = Me.TextBox4.Value
    ' Assign Financial Governance to two bookmarks
            Dim B_FGOV As Range
                Set B_FGOV = ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("B_FGov").Range
                B_FGOV.Text = Me.TextBox5.Value
            Dim CFO As Range
                Set CFO = ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("CFO").Range
                CFO.Text = Me.TextBox5.Value
    ' this is the bookmark i want to link the combo box to
            Dim B_Committee As Range
            Set B_Committee = ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("B_Committee").Range
                B_Committee.Text = Me.TextBox6.Value
    ' hide this form and open the next form
      End Sub
    Private Sub Previous_Click()
    End Sub
    Private Sub TextBox6_Change()
    End Sub
    Any guidance would be appreciated.. Warren

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    According to your description, your issue is more related about vba. And this forum is discussing and asking questions about the wpf.
    Ask in the following forum.


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