OCS/LCS migration with Federation RRS feed

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    OK - I thought I would see if anyone had any ideas...worst case, when I find the answer I will post...


    Scenario: Migration of LCS to OCS - 1 forest, multiple domains in a flat relationship (the namespaces are disjoined)


    Have setup 2 OCS pools...


    Moved to replace Edge and Director with OCS (they had both with LCS)


    New Edge and Director in place, OCS users work 100% - they have federated partners as well PIC in the LCS world - all of this works as well as remote access (although they are currently using 5061 rather than 443...as a side note)


    LCS can communicate internally to anyone and can login remotely - however PIC and Federation fail. Generally, the federated user can pull presence after some time. The LCS user pulls it at login, but does not get the status changes. The federated user can initiate a conversation, but then the tunnel fails 99% of the time.


    Running a trace, we see the LCS user talk to the federated user, communication goes 2-ways initially, and then it timed out.


    Any ideas? Is the LCS traffic treated differently in the OCS Edge/Director?




    Thursday, December 6, 2007 8:10 PM