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  • Hello Experts,

    This is for a manufacturing company. It has few customer who promises monthly order of a specific quantity for multiple Product SKUs. These orders are delivered as multiple call-offs, dispatched every day as per the customer call-off. These call-offs is submitted per week for the week. How would we handle this in Dynamics CRM. Should we ask the customer to create an opportunity for each day's call off, or just one opportunity for the month. Whichever case, how is partial fulfillment handled. I am not even sure whether to bring these into the CRM at all as there is no much sales activities here.

    Suggestions requested.


    Monday, November 18, 2013 9:37 AM

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  • Hi Danial,

    You need to do some customization and write plugins to handle this kind of scenario as mentioned below.

    Order Entity :

                    New Attributes: Partial Fulfilment (Status Reason)               

    Order Product Entity:

                    New Attribute: Remaining Quantity (Number)

    New Entity: CallOff Order


    • Order(lookup)
    • Product (lookup - apply filter based on order)
    • Quantity (Number)
    • Pending (new status reason)
    • Completed (new status reason)


    Plugins :

    1.        On pre-create of CallOff Order record, validate CallOff Order quantity against remaining quantity of OrderProduct (should be less than or equal to remaining quantity)
    2.       On change of status (Completed) of CallOff Order record,
      1. i.      Deduct CallOff Order quantity from Remaining Quantity.
      2. ii.      Update the OrderProduct record.
      3. iii.     If Remaining Quantity is zero then Complete the Order
      4. iv.     else if Status Reason not equal to Partial Fulfilment then set Order status to Partial Fulfilment

    Business Scenario:

    • User creates monthly order for multiple products with X,Y,Z.. quantity. (Set Remaining Quantity = Product Quantity using JavaScript code or Workflow)
    • User creates multiple CallOff Order records for the order on weekly basis (plugin will validate the remaining quantity) with default status as Pending.
    • User manually completes the CallOff Order record by changing the status to Completed (Plugin will set remaining quantity and order status to Partial Fulfilment or Completes order depends on whether it is first CallOff completion of the order or remaining quantity is zero)

    It may not be a precise solution, but certainly it will lead you in the right direction.

    Monday, November 18, 2013 12:40 PM