How/where can I buy an Office MLK to convert pre-installed HP Latop Office 2007 Trial version to real ? RRS feed

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    Hmm .. my first post here.. go easy on me please.. I'm having trouble working these forum thingys .. cant seem to find top level list , just search for therads that are relevent. Sorry if this is in the wrong place, appreciate some pointers how to find the right forum if so.


    Short Questions ARE:  


    How/where can I buy an Office 2007 Medialess Licence Kit (MLK) to convert HP Latop pre-installed Office 2007 Trial version to real ?


    Do I need to get this HP code ?

    HP GM136A MS OFFICE SBE 2007 MLK SW (GM136A) Store: Computerwholesale.com.au $384.07

        or can I get this $100 cheaper item.

    Microsoft Office 2007 SMALL BUSINESS OEM (MSOFF2007SBE/OEM-MLK) BidBox $280.07


    Do I have to get from HP or can I get from anyone ?  (i.e. do I need to pay HP's inflated price since there is no competition or can I buy from competing retailers) ..


    Will the "OEM" MLK work on any Preinstalled Trial ?

    Is a store allowed to sell an OEM-MLK without a machine ?


       Also whats the diff between V2 and previous version code ?

    Microsoft Office Small Business 2007 OEM Single pack with Pro Trial MLK ( 9QA-00443-MS )

    Microsoft Office Small Business 2007 OEM V2 Single pack with Pro Trial MLK ( 9QA-01757-MS )


    Thanks ... now excuse the soap box rant but this has really got my hackles up ...


    I'm an IT support person with 24 yrs industry experience in the PC game..  The complexity of MS licencing however never ceases to amaze me.  How anyone can think this is a good thing is truely astounding. Someone high up needs to take a step back and realise that this is insanely complex and anger provoking...


    My client bought a HP Laptop online direct form HP.   It has Office 2007 Trial Installed..


    First problem  if you start Office it asks for Product key ..   Bzzzzzz..   Whats that thinks client ..  Stumped..


    I get called in (to help fixup ADSL connection) .. I too hadnt come across this trial stuff before.. Seems Odd. I call HP, after 10mins and 25 IVR responses and annoying delays I get to a guy ... He then says I have a Compaq laptop and would have to xfer me .. aarrgghh .. but I ask him anyway, "look, I just want to activate Office 2007 Trial .. How ?"

    Thankfully, a rare helpful chap, he anwsers anyway (even tho I'm in the wrong "Queue").


    Run the activation wizard thingy . and request a Product Key online.. then copy to Clipboard, and then paste into office when its started.  Then of course we have to activate, lukily that all works now we are on the net. (How they expect a first time user to figure all this out is beyond me..)


    Now the next hurdle, client wants to purchase Office.. so I say OK .. lets convert to full licence.. Activation thingy (cant remember its name now sorry) has an option and leads one thru some byzantine web pages (loading  very slowly too on this poor 256k ADSL link, which is also buzy downloading 50Mb of Norton Anti-Virus initial updates, and god knows what else via Windows Updates I think (Vista Business Laptop).


    Eventually get to a screen which says I can conver to Office 2007 Basic for $400. Whoa I say, onc can buy Office 2007 Basic with new machine for about $195 in Australia. There must be a better way ?   (Here in lies the rub.. MS licencing is full of cheap bait and switch options with gotchas that try to tempt, confuse, fud, entrap  clients to spend more for the same thing.. usually up to twice more, either for Full Retail Pack, or Open Business Licences and/or Software A$$urance)


    rgds .. Peter



    Saturday, February 16, 2008 6:37 AM