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    I didn't have a problem for months and then all of a sudden. Windows Media Player 11 will not recognize my device and I can no longer sync. No matter what I do. It will recognize the device using Realplayer, so its not my computer. Its the Media Player, but unfortunately Media Player is integrated so there is no way to uninstall and reinstall to fix any issues (Brilliant idea by the way. ) This happened and I'm dumbfounded. I didn't change my device. Its a Palm TX. I didn't upload any new software except the usual Microsoft system upgrades.  I've gone through EVERY knowledge base and threads to find the answer, but most of those answers apply to XP! There is no support for Vista! That's insane. In a last resort, I tried sending an email, but I'm getting the same "Not Legitimate Product Key" even though my computer said it was activated. And I've gone through the back and forth aggravation like everyone else. What's the point of buying a genuine Microsoft Product if your system won't recognize it! I just wanted to say that I'm highly disappointed not in Vista, but in the lack of support those of us with issues are experiences with it. I'm going to stick with Realplayer and very much consider a Mac for my next computer.

    Wednesday, December 19, 2007 5:17 PM



    Hello Disgruntled100,


      You get the the error "Not Legitimate Product Key" when you try to contact support. That error is not telling you that your Product Key is Non-Genuine, I believe it means you did not enter the number in the proper format. Are you sure they asked for a Product Key or did they ask for a Product ID. They are simillare but diffrent numbers.


      This forum is not the best for your Windows Media Player issue. We support Windows Genuine Advantage and Product Activation issues and as such, your issue is really outside my area of knowledge. I hate to redirect you, but I believe you would get a better answer to your issue by reposting you issue in one of the Vista NewGroups at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=42486 and, of course, you can go to http://support.microsoft.com for additional support options.


      On a side note: you can confirm your Vista is Genuine by going to http://microsoft.com/genuine and click the Validate Windows button.



    Sorry I couldn't be more help,

    Darin Smith

    WGA Forum Manager

    Wednesday, December 19, 2007 11:21 PM