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    Hi There,


    We are busy deploying CRM4, and we're stuck on this issue.


    I am creating an email template for accounts.  In our business process when a new account get's generated, we send an email to the client with a unique link, when he basically goes to to update his own details, adds his business accounts etc. 


    I want to the GUID of the account I am working with, but I can't get anything of this nature in the email template data fields.  I had a look in the entities, and the Attribute I want in the data field box is AccountID, this is the primary key.


    In my email template I want something like:


    Dear ...

    Thanks for joining us blah blah please register your legal requirements at http://register.blah.com/?{!Account:AccountID}



    Client then goes to this link, and edits his info we allow through this unique link....


    Any ideas on how to get that field also in the data fields box in email templates?


    Thanks alot for all the help so far!

    Wednesday, October 8, 2008 1:02 PM


  • You can probably create a custom field that stores the string with Guid and update that field when the Account record is created.  You can then use that custom field in your e-mail template.


    There are probably other ways to get this done, but I think this will work.  You will probably need to update the field with javascript OnCreate.  I beleive there are several similar e-mail threads in this forum with exact details.  You may want to perform some searches.


    Wednesday, October 8, 2008 5:01 PM