Any way to tell the stitcher which image to start with? RRS feed

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  • In Windows, if you selected a bunch of files and drag and drop them, then the file you clicked on becomes the first one in the list of files that the program receives.

    In v1 I used it to eliminate feet and tripod legs by selecting my best floorshot as the file for dropping.

    The new (and vastly improved) file interface doesnt have such a thing.

    I miss the feature, even if it was unintended.


    Sunday, February 22, 2015 9:19 PM


  • Whether you use version 1 or version 2 of ICE, the order in which files are specified should not influence the result, since ICE has always tried to determine the best seams between images without considering their order.

    The exception is when you use Structured Panorama mode (in versions 1 and 2), where the order of images determines their position in a regular rectangular grid.  Structured Panorama mode in ICE 1.4.4 depended on the order in which you selected files in the file picker or Windows Explorer.  Structured Panorama mode in ICE 2.0.2 is a bit more predictable, as it now orders the files either alphabetically by filename or chronologically by the date/time taken -- selected using the "Sort by" drop-down near the top-center of the window.  (If the order is messed up, you can fool ICE 2.0.2 by editing the filenames or changing the date/time taken using ExifTool.)

    The best trick I know for eliminating feet and tripod legs is to edit the images before stitching.  I sometimes use Photoshop or Paint.NET to replace feet with transparent pixels, saving as PNG or TIFF images (with alpha channel) to be used in ICE.

    Eric Stollnitz, Computational Photography Group, Microsoft Research

    Monday, February 23, 2015 6:27 PM