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  • I'm the Technetium, I do however, feel that all devices that are doing there jobs well, deserve to be treated very well.. I respect and maintain all toll's/equipment. Who doesn't always there equipment at peek performance, I'VE BEEN PUT IN A OVERWHELMING PREDICAMENT IN REGARDS MAINTENANCE OF MY PERSONAL COMPUTER. I always want my personal computer running smooth not overloaded with useless data that slows it down, well making it overwork, I would so appreciate assistance finding a program that will give me reassurance, my PC is getting all the good thing's, I realize good thing's don't come cheap, dig deep to get good deal's..I have been searching for a Single Program that will be able to maintain all other programs and all other aspects, software, updates, back up`s, daily scan`s for removing outdated programs, maintaining all APP's, I want it to have the ability to report all status of devices performance . we`ll having a ability to read word. so I might give some direction to my preference.. Any All input will be greatly utilized to Thank You For your valuable Time, MarcusNposse . P.S. I have tried the usual stand-by's they just want to make you think thieve got the. ftp:cure-with-all. turn's out too be. http:take-all-they-can-get.not! 
    Wednesday, May 17, 2017 9:32 PM