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    So this is a bug report.  I guess.  Sort of. 

    So under windows mobile 6 if I sync contacts It puts all the contacts on the phone onto the desktop and all the ones from the desktop onto the phone.  Essentially it makes sure that both have a full list.  This is annoying since there are some contacts I don't want on my work computer.  Too many contacts and it clutters up outlook.  So, I disabled sync contacts using the checkbox.  This erases the contacts from the phone.  This is a bug.  I don't want to lose my contacts.  It took hours to enter them.  Oh well. 

    Point 1.  Don't erase contacts when deselecting contacts in active sync properties. 


    There's an excellent tool available for the motorola e680i to sync it's contacts.  It basically pulls up two lists of contacts one for the phone one for the desktop.  And then allows you to move one or all or a selection from the right side to the left and such.  It's a great tool and I'm not saying go and develope something that complex.  I think the average user would get confused.  But maybe a settings dialog for contact would be nice.  Kind of like they have for some of the other sync modules.  Some nice options would be.  Add all of a certain catagory, to phone or to device or both ways.  Add all one way both ways or neither ways.  Add none to either.  Aka disable.  But I think that catagories would go a long way here and still allow a simple easy to use interface. 

    Point 2.  Enable settings for contacts in active sync properties. 

    Wednesday, June 18, 2008 8:54 PM