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    This is a repetitive problem I keep seeing, I know it also happens all over, but with it happening in my area by another trader and with me know their getting away with it, it is really causing my customers grief as well as problems. 


    I am a Computer Engineer in the North West UK.  Nearly every week I come upon a customer who has had this other local sole trader out on call to their house. He takes their machine away to do a software repair, then brings it back with a copy of Office 2003 Pro installed.  As well as other things like Symantec Norton Enterprise. 


    My customer never asked for Office 2003 pro (he has no need for it).  I suspected it and went for the office validation for him to point it out and walla, it was a blocked key.  I have also noticed in the past from the same trader he makes copies of Factory Restore disks for OEM machines


    But talking about the office failing validation with the blocked key and a trader who clames to be a computer engineer and a proffesional one at that etc etc etc, needs to be stopped.


    Perosnally I don't think Microsoft are interested as I bought this matter to their attention around  a year ago and he is still operating the same.


    I am a Microsoft Registered Partner, and do everything to the book.  I don't see why people get away with it, and wish more was done to stop it.  I could go on. 


    Is their a better & less hassle process or passing details on for this trader to Microsoft as the only way I see it is via an American online form.


    Thanks all for reading.





    Thursday, February 28, 2008 1:17 AM


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  • Protect yourself from software piracy: http://www.microsoft.com/piracy/

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    Thursday, February 28, 2008 2:52 AM
  • I have had the same problem. My son has learning difficulties and he hardly speaks a word. Im lucky if i hear him once a day. The school noticed he was amazing with computers and he would write out on the school pc everything he wanted, he found his way to communicate. They advised me to get one at home for him. As a single mother money is quite tight but i managed to sell a few things i could live with out for now and save up the rest over 4 months. £500 i was quoted i would need to have a pc with what my son needed on it for his special needs. The seller didnt go into details of this special need part but id talk a bit tecnical till he realised i had no clue what he was talking about. He mentioned programmes he could purchase on my behalf and install ready for me which i was really greatful for, After 3 weeks he came to my house with the pc and my son was over the moon. He showed me the basics and i couldnt thank him enough for helping as i thought he had at the time. He told me as i didnt know much about the pc or maintenance that it needed cleaning, clearing and updating monthly and as its me a special fee of £50 he wold call and do everything each month for as long as i had the pc this didnt include updating the programme thats not valid. Through the school the I.T teacher came to look at the pc and install a amazing programme my son had been using at school when he saw what i had on the pc and what i had told him he was shocked. He explained about clearing  and cleaning the pc and showed me how easy it was to do, at the touch of a button. I was being taken for a ride so i cancelled the upgrade which was due that week. He called anyway said he didnt recieve the fax machines message. I felt akward with him there then saying no as he said i needed an updated version of windows as mine was old and would not help my son in the future as it would be un useable. Said it was important or my pc would not be even able to start. He also said it needed doing yearly. I didnt then and dont really now know alot about pc's so i had to believe the professionals or so i thought. He charged me £120 that day, all my weeks benefits i recieve but my sons needs come 1st and i had to have it done then as that weekend the old programme was being finished, so i was told. I thought this kind man was being helpful and giving me lots of free stuff and programmes but infact he just saw a computer litterate person with a disabled son and took complete advantage. It turns out everything he put on the pc was part of the programme to make the pc work, the windows one. He put a few games on it for us and some pictures to make the backgrounds look nice and made some folders with different names for my son to save stuff. Now i find out i have a bad windows part aswell which will now cost me more money which i can ill afford right now. I thought this pc for my son would help and make home life easier, so far it seems to have caused more upset and finacial troubles then i needed. But its i still need to have a pc as it does help him alot. He still dont speak but he talks about all sorts to me, Hes 8 years old now so he can understand the troubles i had with this pc repair guy and it upsets him as he believes it to be his fault. The shop has now closed down and the guy has moved away as it seems i wasnt the only one scammed by his charm and the patter he gave. He seemed to know what he was talking about, he had his own shop on the main street and seem genuine that he wanted to help. I dont know who will fix the pc if it breaks or update anything i need for my son and if i did find somewhere im not sure i would trust them again. So im down alot of money and my son feels responsible, how can people like this get away with it and live with themselves. Where do i turn now????

    Friday, February 29, 2008 6:34 PM
  • Hello Mandy1978,


    This is what puts us the legitimate traders out of business, its a common problem with cowboy traders who can talk all tech and do this and that with a machine but when it comes to genuine software its usually a copy bought from a pub or of Ebay.  I buying software from a trader who's legit "Like me" insist on original Micrososft software, make sure its a holographic CD and supplied with a COA = Certificate of Aurthenticity or in a sealed retail box with a COA on the box.


    Their is only 2 things which from reading your post that needs to be legit and thats a Geniune Windows and a Geniune Office package, with not having genuine software installed then your office will most likley be a blocked key like the one I again found on my customers machine or Windows XP which will give you regular warnings that this windows is not genuine.  I going to buy a original windows via the warning this can be more expensive and then you need someone to install, configure & update the software.  Local high street shops be cautiuos.  They have bigger overheads and need to make more money to pay for these.


    I am a single sole trader, and would prefer to loose a job if supply of original software made a price too expensive than risk using counterfeit or unlicenced software.  I have never and never will use dodgy stuff just to please anyone, I like my job .


    Wish you were local to me, not for me to pick up the bits but to guide you the right way.  Charging £50 a month is insane and robbery.  I would only think this would be reasonable if a cusotmer was in Scotland uk and the computer engineer was is London UK.  But if he/she was a local trader then as you know he's pulled a fast one.  Pesonally, report him to Microsoft and also alert you local trading standards and also someone who deals with the shop premises.  He could be tracked down.


    I really appologise on behalf of us "The Legit Genuine Traders" for your bad experience.


    You end saying where do return now????.  If I can help in anyway at all I would !




    Friday, February 29, 2008 10:47 PM