How can I get Autoroute 2010 to reinstall after a Windows 8 Refresh RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    A couple of days ago I did a 'Refresh' to my Windows 8 installation on my home PC.  It was working OK but had slowed up a fair bit.  The Windows 8 installation itself was an upgrade from Windows 7.

    One of the first programs that I put back in was Autoroute 2010.  I use it regularly for journey planning, it is an important program to me.

    Just before full completion of the installation a dialogue box came up with the message:  'A Licensing initialization error has occurred, 0xc004D301'.  I had not got as far as having to enter the Product Key'

    At that time I had not taken in any Windows Updates and thought that this might be cause so I let Windows take in all the updates it needed and tried again - no go.  I hit the web and saw the many suggestions on how to solve the problem but decided that perhaps the best thing to do was to do another Refresh. Then take in all the necessary updates before trying again.  This time I installed with Defender switched off and I launched the install with Administrator privileges (from an Administrator Account).

    I then decided that I would have to systematically go through the many suggestions; including starting again from a new account, checking the Registry entries for the suggested entries and other suggestions but I still cannot install by fully legitimate and paid for copy of a Microsoft program on a Microsoft Operating System.  

    A point to note is that that I do currently have MS Office XP Pro installed, however this was not installed at the time of the attempted installation of Autoroute. 

    I did not have any other issues reinstalling any of the other programs on my system.

    I need this program to work can someone please help me with this problem.  

    Thank you,


    Wednesday, June 19, 2013 10:30 PM

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  • Hi, I have just done a refresh, and got the same, Licence Installation error, with code 0x80070003,  I believe that this is because you are only allowed to install the map 5 times, it is then blocked and need to contact MS on a premium rate number to unblock it,

    If you have it sorted please let me know how,

    Wednesday, December 18, 2013 7:50 AM