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  • A few days ago I completed a Windows Update and now no other devices showing up on the network list in Windows Explorer (WE).  Everything was working properly until I did an update and rebooted.  Now no devices are showing under the network list in WE (except my PC).  The problem is an issue for me because I can no longer use remote desktop to access my server. 


    Network Devices:

    -          “Master PC” is my Windows 7 desktop

    -          “Home-Server” is my WHS backup server that I connect via WHS Connect

    -          “Norcoserver” is my WHS media server that I connect via remote desktop

    -          “PCH-C200” is my network connected Popcorn Hour media player which can stream videos from Master PC and Norcoserver

    -          “Laptop” is my Windows 7 laptop connected to the Windows 7 homegroup

    -          “WNDR3700” is my Netgear GigE/wireless router


    Troubleshooting Steps taken so far

    -          Verified there are no exclamation !, ? or X symbols in device manager

    -          Verified UPnP enabled on WNDR3700 router

    -          Verified all network devices detected in router

    -          Verified network discovery is turned on

    -          Verified file and printing sharing is turned on

    -          Verified public folder sharing is turned on

    -          Verified password protection is not enabled

    -          Verified Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper I/O Driver and Link-Layer Topology Discovery Responder are checked

    -          Turned on Mapper I/O (LLTDIO) Driver and Turn On Responder (RSPNDR) policy by selecting “Enabled” and “Allow Operation While In Domain” in the Local Group Policy Editor

    -          Media streaming says it is on, however when I click “choose media streaming options”, it says “media streaming is not turned on”

    -          I am only using Win7 Firewall (with Windows Essentials and Avast), I have verified the proper ports are open as usual with printer/file sharing turned on

    -          WHS Home-Server and Norcoserver can be successfully pinged from Master PC

    -          PCH-C200 can flawlessly access content on Master PC and Norcoserver via the home network

    -          Laptop can see Master PC (it is listed under network in WE), but it cannot see Home-Server or Norcoserver

    -          Can successfully connect from Master PC to Home-Server using WHS Connect

    -          My network map shows Master PC – WNDR3700 – Internet.   It says the following devices cannot be placed on the network map:

    o   Norcoserver: 1 : Windows Media Connect

    o   Home-Server: 1 : Windows Media Connect

    o   Norcoserver

    o   Home-Server

    o   PCH-200

    -          When I click on Network in WE, I see the following:

    o   Computer (1) Master PC

    o   Media Devices (3) Norcoserver: 1 : Windows Media Connect, Home-Server: 1 : Windows Media Connect, PCH-200

    o   Network Infrastructer (1) WNDR3700 (Gateway)

    o   Other Devices (2) Norcoserver, Home-Server

    o   Looking at the above, obviously it’s curious why Norcoserver and Home-Server are showing up both as “media devices” and “other devices”  


    I am at a loss right now.  I have no idea what to do or how to troubleshoot.  I am really hoping for some help.  Thank you kindly.


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