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  • I have discovered the root of my error: "Exception during preview: An internal error occurred in the synchronization runtime.".

    The file that was reported as being processed in the status bar had a corrupted sync version (in the 'other' directory).

    My memory stick has corruption errors, but the file being processed is reported as being on my main hard disk.

    Uncorrupted directories appear to sync correctly.

    I picked this up when one sync seemed to being going completely the wrong way, i.e. my hard drive directories were flagged as about to be deleted and I knew that synced files should be moving from hard drive to memory stick.

    The behaviour of SyncToy v2.1 in the above case was to show the message then to abort the process.

    I have screenshots of two occurrances, but no way I can see to display them here.

    Sunday, July 31, 2011 5:07 AM