Microsoft Live ID does not exist or the password is incorrect (GTA IV)


  • Hey fellows,

    I bought GTA IV and Liberty City Missions to it from Steam.

    The game requires me to log in with Games for Windows Live account to save my game progress.

    However, when I type 'create new account' and I am typing my email it says it's already linked to a account and it takes me to a Internet Explorer window of xbox live webpage where I am logged in but it does not load my profile info. It only says loading.....

    When I log in from web browser not ingame it let's me in and shows everything correctly.

    If I type, use existing account and type my email and password it says that this account does not exist or the password is incorrect...

    Whats the matter, help me please :(

    Saturday, June 13, 2015 11:20 AM