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  • i am using sapi for speech recognition, i have many input audio file to process , i need process them one by one, so , firstly i set a wav file as the input audio and a grammar file ,then i wait for the recognize result , after i get the result , i will set the next wav file as the input and another grammar file , i write a loop to do this.

    the question is i can't get the result!my program looks like this


    set a variable tag =false to judge if a result is produced;

    for(every wav in a wav list){

    initialize the sapi;

    set wav as the input audio;

    set a corresponding grammar file as the grammar;

    while(tag==false)   Thread.sleep(1000);

    process the result;


    i set tag =true in the event function SpInProcRecoContext.Recognition,so when i get a recognize result ,i can process the wav list one by one. but now my program is block at 

    while(tag==false)   Thread.sleep(1000);

    if i replace this sentence with :


    when the MessageBox popup and i click the ok button, this time i get the right result!!

    so i want to know how sapi thread work with the main thread, and is there any other way to replace this


    Wednesday, December 14, 2011 1:59 AM

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